February 1, 2020

Does My Pet Need a Dental?

This month is National Pet Dental Health Month and one of the questions we commonly get asked at Mercy is “Does my pet really need to have a dental cleaning?” Simply…

December 24, 2019

Are Your Pets Part of Your New Year’s Resolution? (Hint: They should be)

A new year means a “new you”. Perhaps you’ve written out your 2020 goals, or you’ve considered a few things to work on. It’s important that we start the year…

November 1, 2019

Pet Owners Guide to Fall

As Fall begins, there are a few things that pet owners should keep in mind. Weather, Holidays, and changes in routine can all lead to a dangers, so we’ve created…

September 30, 2019

Heartworm Frequently Asked Questions

According to the American Heartworm Society, the cost for the treatment of a heartworm-positive pet is close to 15 times the cost of a year’s worth of heartworm preventive prescriptions. Most…